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Unique Boxwood will add Dimension to your Landscape Plan

  • Upright, Pyramidal Form offers a Small Tree look
  • Dense, Rich Green Foliage
  • Deer and Rabbit Tolerant
  • Disease and Pest ResistantUnique Boxwood will add Dimension to your Landscape PlanUpright, Pyramidal Form offers a Small Tree lookDense, Rich Green FoliageDeer and Rabbit TolerantDisease and Pest Resistant

Green Mountain Boxwood

$74.95 Regular Price
$67.46Sale Price
  • Soil Type Adaptable
    Sunlight Full, Partial, Shade
    Drought Tolerance Good
    Mature Height 4-5 Feet
    Mature Width 2-3 Feet
    Growth Rate Fast
    Fall Color Green
    Shipping Restriction AZ,OR,,PA,TN


    Love a Boxwood, but want something a little different? Do you already have round or square boxwood hedges but need something to compliment them and complete your landscape design? The hardy and attractive Green Mountain Boxwood is sure to knock your landscape plan right out of the park!

    The Green Mountain boxwood grows faster than other boxwood varieties so you won't have to wait long for this striking shrub to spruce up your landscape! This evergreen shrub stands out from the pack with its upright, pyramidal form. Reaching about 5 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide at maturity, this evergreen bush is more like a small tree. The Green Mountain Boxwood has bright green foliage that maintains its vibrancy even through harsh winters. The leaves of this boxwood are small, but the foliage is dense and lush.

    Take your landscape from blah to aah! Order your Green Mountain Boxwood for sale today!

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